Esedra Srl
- Marble, stone and granite -


ESEDRA is a fresh and dynamic company with a long-time experience, offering a reliable and accomplished service operating both in traditional construction industry and contemporary architectural design.

We supply marble, stone, granite, porphyry, trachyte, only natural rock materials, handled for interior and exterior construction in every processing technique on the market. Our employees are highly qualified in making floorings, claddings, stairs and every type of furniture.


and laying

We conduct surveys for free in order to estimate the price accurately. We provide our clients with samples of processed materials to help them decide by seeing what the result will really look like.

Our qualified staff complete thorough surveys, technical drawings and recommendations based on individual needs, in order to collaborate with the designer and perfect every detail before the actual realisation.


Selection of

ESEDRA can accomodate every supply request. We directly deal with several types of marble, stone, granite and other rock materials. Thanks to our long-time experience we selected the best suppliers and websites in order to provide the clients with the most suitable material for their needs.

ESEDRA not only guarantees the quality and the choice of materials but also helps realise the ideas of clients and professionals, dealing with the technical side of the project in a competent, professional and punctual way.


Precisione ed affidabilità nella consegna dei materiali


We rely on our technical staff in order to satisfy the requests submitted by clients and professionals, dealing with individual problems and trying to accomodate every need.

Puntualità e rispetto dei tempi


We guarantee a timely supply of the required materials. We believe in the importance of punctuality and respecting the arranged deadline.

Serivizio a 360° - Dalla fornitura del materiale fino alla messa in opera

Full service

We provide a complete service, from supplying materials to completing the building process.