Our history

ESEDRA is a fresh and dynamic company with a long-time experience, offering a reliable and accomplished service operating both in traditional construction industry and contemporary architectural design.
We supply marble, stone, granite, porphyry, trachyte, only natural rock materials, handled for interior and exterior construction in every processing technique on the market. Our employees are highly qualified in making floorings, claddings, stairs and every type of furniture.

[Fig. 1] Making of an outdoor flooring

Processing of marble

Nowadays marble has a symbolic and spacial purpose and aims to dynamically structure the urban space. Thanks to its naturalness and expressivity, marble represents the perfect material to bridge the gap between modern and traditional architecture.

[Image. 2] Marble block from the quarry

Marble cutting

After the marble block has come from the quarry, we cut it into smaller and more regular plates to serve different purposes. This is done by means of a circular saw with a diamond blade which slices the block.

Plates thicker than 30 cm are called a “massello” [Source: Wikipedia]

[Image. 3] Cutting stage of marble processing.

Marble finishing

The bush hammer technique is used to work the surface of rock parts with an aesthetic function. This technique creates a slightly pleated texture, giving the rock a natural appearance. It can be used on almost all types of rocks. [Source: Wikipedia]

[Image. 4] Bush hammer technique on marble

Why choose Esedra?

Our first aim is to accomodate the clients’ needs. We thoroughly investigate the requirements to offer the most suited materials for each project, with the opportunity to pre-emptively visualize the design before building works begin.

Once the materials have been decided, we accurately choose the blocks we are going to work on carefully selecting the colour and the technical features, because as a natural material marble is subject to variability and irregularity.

We also make sure to guarantee a fair price-quality ratio. Since we have long been working with local building companies, we offer very competitive prices for first-class materials, both on the aesthetic and technical side, in order to provide quality and durabilty.

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